SHI Accreditation

The definition of accreditation in terms of the Social Housing Act 16 of 2008 means the screening, evaluation, provisional and final accreditation by the SHRA that will, amongst other things, allow a social housing institution to access grants available under the social housing programme. Therefore, all institutions who intend to carry out the business of social housing must be accredited and regulated by the SHRA. The SHRA must, subject to the provisions of the act, accredit institutions meeting accreditation criteria as social housing institutions (SHIs). SHIs are delivery partners for the SHRA.

Conditional accreditation is granted for three years and and the SHI must have a project approved within that period. All applications are processed within 90 days.

The SHRA offers free training for SHI Accreditation and other topics relevant for anyone who intends to participate in the social housing sector. Click on the link below to view the SHRA Training Programme Schedule:

If you would like to apply for accreditation, you must have the following information to assist with your applications:

Accreditation Assessment Template (Used by the SHRA during assessment)

Business Plan Assessment Template (Used by the SHRA during assessment)

Legal form (CIPC registration documents)

Not-for-profit (amended memorandum of incorporation and confirmation of approval from the CIPC)

Good governance criteria (check the required documents on the accreditation assessment template)

Financial viability (refer to the assessment report)

Effective tenant management (refer to the assessment report)

Efficient tenant management (refer to the assessment report)

Property development (refer to assessment report)

Signed application, declaration, and qualifications forms

Guidelines on how to submit documents to the SHRA

The accreditation application cycles are only in the following months:

Cycle 1:
1-31 May 2023

Cycle 2:
1 – 31 August 2023

Cycle 3:
1 – 30 November 2023

Cycle 4:
1 – 29 February 2024

Please download and complete the following pack of documents to apply:

The applications must be sent using You can also request the application pack using the same email address.

After applying, you will get an opportunity to respond to the verification report within three working days.

Note that only complete submissions will be considered.

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