Institutional Investments

The Sector Development and Transformation (SD&T) Programme administers the Institutional Investment Grants (IIG).

Through the IIG, the SHRA offers grants to support and develop Social Housing Institutions (SHIs), Other Delivery Agents (ODAs), Cooperatives and Municipalities. This ensures an enabling environment for the growth, development and transformation of the social housing sector.

The purpose of the Sector Development and Transformation’s (SD&T) Programme is to support the growth and development of the social housing sector.

The following grants are available under this programme:

Pre-Accreditation Grant: Provide financial support to the process of preparing and submitting a proposal for accreditation.

The intent of this grant is to support potential and aspirant social housing institutions (SHIs) to obtain accreditation and assist currently conditionally accredited SHIs build internal capacity towards attaining full accreditation. Applicants can qualify for between R100 000 and R200 000.

Project Acquisition & Feasibility Grant: Provide financial support to the process of preparing project proposals and obtaining approval for them.

The project feasibility grant is geared at supporting potential and accredited social housing projects which are registered in the SHRA’s project pipeline register and or the accredited projects list.

The overall purpose of the project feasibility grant is two-fold;

  • to test the feasibility and or readiness of projects which are registered into the SHRAs project pipeline register;
  • close on outstanding conditions or requirements of such registered and accredited projects such that the projects reach readiness.

Projects can be awarded up to R500 000.00 per project application under this grant.

Staff Gear Up Grants: Provide financial support to the process of tenanting / initial management of new projects

The purpose of this grant is to support social housing projects which have reached construction completion stage and are at a handover and tenanting/ occupation phase.  Through this grant, project owners are assisted with their initial staffing costs over a projected period until projects have tenanted and are generating sufficient revenue to carry such costs.

Through this grant, project owners are able to recruit and hire operational staff thus creating meaningful employment opportunities.

Up to R500 000.00 can be accessed to funds these initial staff costs.

Remedial Action: Intervention as put forward by Compliance Monitoring

Chapter 12 of the Social Housing Act requires that the SHRA should intervene in SHIs and social housing projects where there is evidence of maladministration. Meanwhile Section 3(2) of the SH Regulations stipulates that reporting SHIs and Projects must report on the following five key performance areas (KPAs):

1) Governance;

2) Tenant management;

3) Property management;

4) Financial sustainability; and

5) Property Development. 

The Remedial Action Grant was created to support reporting SHIs and projects in responding to performance failures or maladministration against these KPAs.

SHIs and projects can access up to R1000 000.00 towards responding and remedying such performance failures. 

General Capacity Building Grants: Demand driven and programme-related grants to support the sector i.r.o. of the project pipeline.

The General Capacity Building Grant was created with an intent to promote sector professionalisation, knowledge development and to ensure sustained sector capacity development. In its current form, the grant continues to fund sector projects such as training and awareness; research work; municipal social housing implementation; capacity support programme; SHI Incubation Programme, social facilitation etc. 


Capital Investment

The Social Housing Investment Programme (SHIP) may invest in social housing projects in accordance with the investment criteria set out in the Social Housing Regulations.

Institutional Investment

The Sector Development and Transformation (SD&T) Programme administers the Institutional Investment Grants (IIG).

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