Residential Rent Relief Programme (RRRP)

The Residential Rent Relief Programme aims to help tenants in social housing who were financially affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic (these tenants or housing beneficiaries are defined in the Social Housing Act and Regulations). Tenants who were lost their jobs or had their income cut can apply for rent relief during the period of April 2020 to September 2020 only.

Can I Apply?

Tenants cannot apply on their own. Only social housing delivery agents who have social housing units under their care [management] and are regulated by the SHRA. These agents can apply on behalf of their tenants. All social housing landlords including Municipal-owned Entities are eligible to apply on behalf of their tenants.

Application Process

The application form is broken into two parts which the landlord and tenant have to complete. Tenant complete Part 1B form and submit to landlord who compiles a batch for all applications from tenants under their institution, Furthermore the SHIs will complete Part 1A of the form and then submit the application to the SHRA.  The application can be requested from or downloaded from the SHRA website under Residential Rent Relief Programme. Download the application form by clicking on this link: Application Form

What documents do I need to send to my landlord?

  • ID document (tenant, spouse/ life partner, beneficiaries)
  • Signed lease agreement
  • Proof of tenant’s income
  • Proof that the beneficiary tenant(s)/bread winner(s) have been retrenched.
  • Evidence of reduced income, and by how much it is reduced (from employer).
  • Latest (at least three months) bank statement(s).
  • Evidence of rental arrears (tenant statements).
  • Applying institution’s rent roll.
  • Agreements between the Institution and the tenants on payment of arrears.
  • Undertaking that no evictions will be instituted on qualifying tenants for a period equivalent to the number of months covered by the awarded grant or the lapsing of the lease depending on which one is shorter.
  • Rent relief/ debt collection policy

Who do I contact for more information?


Call: Linda/ Caroline on 011 2746239