Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option which requires institutionalised management which is provided by accredited SHIs or in accredited social housing projects in designated restructuring zones.

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Social housing provides good quality rental accommodation for the upper end of the low income market (R1500 - R15 000). With the primary objective of urban restructuring, creating substainable human settlements.

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Housing is not just about building is also about transforming our residential areas and building communities.


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Rental Housing Research Archive

Rental housing research reports

Shack rentals in South Africa

This report pulls together multiple sources of statistical information on informal rental both in backyard and informal settlements to try and provide the most accurate picture possible of the informal rental market today.
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Reports on provincial rental markets

The Provincial Rental Market reports consolidate and localise data on the rental housing market in each province. These reports are a follow-up to the Rental Housing Supply, Demand & Trends report.

Rental indicators

Rental market demand and socio economic indicators:
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